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Florida law defines the elements of assault as (1) the intentional and unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to victim, (2) Defendant appeared to have the ability to carry out the threat, and (3) the victim had a well-founded fear that the violence was imminent.

Battery, a separate crime in Florida, is (1) when the Defendant intentionally struck or touched the victim against their will, and/or (2) the Defendant intentionally caused bodily harm to the victim.

Should an individual be accused of assault or battery in Central Florida or its surrounding areas, his or her sentence has the potential to be significantly harsher if the act:

  • Was carried out against a teacher, emergency first aid professional, public transportation driver, person over 60, handicapped person, etc.

  • Involved a deadly weapon

  • Was carried out by a person with a spotty criminal record.

In just one year, nearly 20,000 people were convicted of aggravated assault in Orlando alone. This represents nearly twice the national average for aggravated assault convictions.

Attorney Gregory Schwendeman will give a free initial consultation to those accused of assault or battery. Mr. Schwendeman has handled hundreds of cases throughout Florida and recognizes that convictions come with harsh penalties. His practice is committed to providing aggressive criminal defense to the accused.

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