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Also commonly known as domestic battery, domestic abuse, or intimate partner violence, domestic violence refers to the act of unlawfully and knowingly touching or injuring:

  • A member of the household (i.e. a spouse, significant other, child or step-child)

  • A person someone is dating (i.e. a boyfriend or girlfriend)

  • Anyone with whom a person has a domestic partnership (i.e. grandparent)

While Attorney Gregory Schwendeman sympathizes with, and often represents many victims of domestic violence, the sad truth is that many times, those claiming to be victims of Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes are often merely making a false accusation to further their own agenda. A lover scorned, a divorce gone bad, a child custody and support issue, or simple anger and jealousy are just some of the scenarios which must be explored to prevent you from being wrongfully convicted.

Last year, about 95,000 individuals in Florida were convicted of domestic violence charges. Many were wrongfully convicted because they were intimated, coerced and bullied by the police and prosecutors, and didn't think they could have an experienced attorney fighting for them. YOU CAN! Call us now. While a domestic violence charge can carry severe legal repercussions, it can also be humiliating and emotionally devastating, as the accused deals with serious issues in some intimate relationship in his or her life.

If you or a loved one is accused of domestic violence in Melbourne or its surrounding regions, it's important you work with a discrete and experienced domestic violence attorney for the best chances of resolving your case favorably and efficiently.

A Defense Attorney Can Help

Florida Domestic Violence Attorney Gregory Schwendeman has been defending those accused of domestic violence for years. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney who pays attention to detail. He will evaluate all the details of your arrest and dig deep beneath the surface to find out not only what happened but why. For a thorough defense in your case, contact Mr. Schwendeman today.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Often, it is whatever the "victim" claims it is. Domestic violence charges can be filed when someone has allegedly committed any of the following acts against a family member or significant other:

  • control or domination
  • economic deprivation
  • emotional and/or passive abuse
  • harassment
  • intimidation
  • physical aggression
  • sexual abuse
  • stalking
  • threats of any kind of abuse or physical harm
  • unlawful restraint

What is an Order of Protection?

An order of protection also referred to as a restraining order is issued by a judge when a victim of domestic abuse requests protection from the alleged perpetrator. Orders of protection are typically issued when it's likely, in the eyes of the court, which the accused will harm or injure the victim again.

Upon being issued, an order of protection will be enforced by the police. In Florida, any violation of protection order (VOPO) is typically considered to be a 1st degree misdemeanor and, therefore, is punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence, contact Mr. Schwendeman for a free, thorough evaluation of your case. Mr. Schwendeman and his staff are dedicated to providing the best possible defense representation in Florida.

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