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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement estimates that nearly 98,200 individuals will be arrested for drug charges in 2010. While the most common charge filed in drug arrests in 2009 was possession of marijuana, many individuals were also charged with the sale or manufacture of drugs such as heroine, cocaine and other dangerous non- narcotic drugs, such as barbiturates and benzedrine.

According to Florida state law, drug charges are classified according to the type of drug involved, as well as the amount of the drug that is found (based on the drug's weight). In the most serious drug offense cases, the accused can be facing anywhere from 30 years to life in prison, particularly if the defendant has previous felony convictions or is also convicted of other serious crimes, such as homicide or aggravated assault.

Because drug charge convictions can carry life sentences and other severe penalties, it's crucial that anyone convicted of drug charges in Florida contact Attorney Gregory Schwendeman. Mr. Schwendeman has experience in handling drug cases. He recognizes that the penalties associated with these types of cases are severe and can damage a person's life forever. He, therefore, strives to provide a thorough and effective defense.

Types of Drug Charges

In general, drug charges for controlled substances such as cocaine and methamphetamine are more serious and, consequently, carry harsher sentences than those for marijuana. Depending on the nature of the alleged incident, law enforcement officials may charge someone with any of the following offenses:

  • drug conspiracy
  • drug possession
  • drug trafficking
  • distribution of drugs
  • importation of drugs
  • manufacture of drugs
  • prescription fraud
  • sale of drugs
  • transportation of drugs

In most cases, charges for cocaine, heroin, amphetamine and other controlled substances will be felonies that come with prison time. While any felony charges can carry a fine up to $25,000, misdemeanor convictions can carry fines up to $2,500.

Our Superior Representation

To help get the charges against his clients reduced or dropped entirely, Mr. Schwendeman works diligently and tirelessly to build the strongest defense possible. In addition to compiling all evidence that supports his clients' claims, he examines the facts of the case to find out if any part of the arrest and subsequent investigation was performed illegally.

Mr. Schwendeman is extremely knowledgeable about Florida drug laws and will do everything possible to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

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